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Metropolitan Fire Marshals Association

Agency Information

Maplewood Fire Department

Fire Marshal/Building Official/Plans Exa Russell Todd, CBO

7601 Manchester Rd.


St. Louis



(314) 646 - 3634

(314) 646 - 3652

2003 ICC Building Code
2003 ICC One & Two Family Residential Code
2006 ICC International Fire Code
St. Louis County Codes for Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing

Two sets of plans are required to be submitted.

One set will be returned, stamped and signed by plan reviewer.

Architect or engineer sealed and signed plans are required for all commercial permits.

$5.00 for first $1,000.00 of construction cost, $3.00 for each subsequent $1,000.00 of construction cost, plus $15.00 inspection fee.

Same as residential cost





















All of the above permits are issued by St. Louis County. City of Maplewood requires one copy of each plan for their records.

Submit two sets of plans and completed application. Plan review will occur and one set of plans will be returned with the permit. All Mechanical, electrical, plumbing, hood suppression and sprinkler installation permits are reviewed and issued by St. Louis County