Fenton Fire Protection District

Fire Marshal Mark Murphy

Address845 Gregory Ln
CountySt. Louis
Zip Code63026
Phone #636-343-4188
Fax #636-343-4451

Current Code Enforced

2015 IBC, 2015 IFC, 2009 IRC with amendments available on our web site www.fentonfire.org

Number of prints required to submit along with app

Commercial - 3 sets Residential - 2 sets

How many will be returned?

1 set

Are they to be signed or sealed and by whom?

Yes, all submitted construction documents shall be signed by a Missouri Registered Design Professional.

Fee for Residential Permit:

There is no charge for Residential Permits. Residential Permits for any construction will be issued on a voluntary basis by request of the builder or property owner.

Fee for Commercial Permit:

$75 plus $4.00 per $1000 Cost of Construction, Cost of Construction is always rounded up to the next thousand.

XFire alarm systemsFee:See Commercial Fees
XFire suppression systemsFee:See Commercial Fees
XMechanical and ElectricalFee:See Commercial Fees
XHood Suppression SystemFee:See Commercial Fees
XCooking HoodFee:See Commercial Fees
XDuct InstallationsFee:See Commercial Fees
XSpecial AgentsFee:See Commercial Fees
XFireworksFee:$125 - Per Display, No Sales Allowed
XBurningFee:$125 - 30 Days, air curtain destructor only

Any other permits not listed above.

Blasting permit, $125 good up to 30 days Storage rack installation 12 feet or taller, same as commercial fees. AST's & UST's, same as commercial fees. Paint booths, same as commercial fees.

See the Fenton Fire District Website for changes.

Explain your permitting process.

Completed permit application must be submitted with the required sets of drawings. Applicant will be notified when permit is ready to be picked up and paid for. No work may begin prior to permit issuance.

List any municipalities within your jurisdiction.

ity of Fenton, a portion of the City of Sunset Hills, a portion of the City of Valley Park & portions of unincorporated St. Louis County