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Coffee Break Training

Fire and building inspectors with busy daily schedules often don't have time to attend valuable skill-enhancing training sessions, so the United States Fire Administration (USFA) is providing Coffee Break Training bulletins for you to read and enjoy during your daily break. These one-page training notices, posted every Tuesday, provide technical training in fire protection systems, building construction, codes and standards, inspection techniques, hazardous materials and administrative tips.

Each notice includes a photograph or drawing that illustrates the point of the training lesson. Future Coffee Breaks will include topics such as details for fire pump installations, liquefied petroleum gas storage regulations, standpipe and sprinkler systems, and storage of lightweight roof trusses on job sites.

To sign up for Coffee Break Training email.

Coffee Break Training Binder Artwork

If you are printing the Coffee Break Training bulletins and saving them in a binder, use this artwork to label your binder.
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Educational Opportunities


A Free 5 hour training program is available at www.cfitrainer.net and has been approved for credits by the state.